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29 September 2018

How to use Vestiare Collective

If you’re anything like me and you value the money you earn then you would know the anxiety that comes from investing in a designer piece. Whether statement, or trend, I always feel pressure to justify these expenses – a good thing of course – because it keeps me on track. But this means that the moment I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth out of an item, alarm bells start to go off.

I hate it when items in my wardrobe go dormant, it’s one thing to donate items to charity or send them ‘back home’, but what I can’t stand is when my wardrobe is cluttered with things I feel are too precious to let go of for free, yet have no use outside in my life anymore. So what’s a girl to do when the items she paid a fortune for are no longer going to good use? Yep you guessed it, flog them. Whether at a profit or a loss – learn to buy and sell accordingly.

While trying to establish better spending habits and money management skills (one of many new year’s resolutions), I am learning to cut my cloth according to my coat and not get too ahead of myself. Yes, I do like the finer things in life, but I understand that I just can't come and die for them. Wearing your whole bank balance should never be in. So there’s gotta be a healthy balance here. An opt in opt out An exchange.

Top tip: If you can’t afford to buy something three times, then you can’t afford it! The quicker you apply this rule to your spending the better. Its humbling, it’s a security measure, it keeps you grounded.

So where was I going with this blog piece again? Oh that’s right, Vestiaire.

Right, so after many failed attempts of trying to sell a handbag I was getting no use out of on Depop, with zero followers or reviews (sigh a minefield), I turned to Vestiaire Collective, a website that specialises in the buying and selling of second hand luxury items. For me, making a sale, whether at a loss or not was better than not making anything.

Honestly, I was so sceptic at first having learnt about it’s ridiculous fee which takes a large chunk of money out of any item you sell. BUT it’s exposure was unrivalled, and this was something I learned 30 mins into my first item going live, I had plenty of offers!  Now the offers thing was a little annoying, as the majority of people were bidding to buy my handbag way below my asking price. So I had to make plenty of declines and counter offers before my item was finally bought at the asking price! And boy was I glad to get there in the end! I was lucky enough to sell the bag at a higher price than what I had paid for, meaning that after Vestiaire took its commission fee I had lost out by about £30. Not a big deal when you consider that the bag was collecting dust in my wardrobe. I was able to turn it back into a free hundreds, which efficiently went into my next handbag purchase.
Tips for when using Vestiaire:

Turn your notifications ON - This means you won’t miss a beat, the quickly you respond to an offer/ comment the more success you’ll have in selling it. Buyers love a transparent and responsive seller, it makes the process smooth!

Take FAB pictures – no need to edit guys, when the item is sold, you’re asked to ship it to Vestiaire first for inspection and if it doesn’t match the description/photo, then the sale will be terminated. SO, take great photos; take shots with and without the sunlight, show every scratch and mark if there are any. Regardless of its condition… be open and honest, you’d be surprised how many people don’t mind buying a worn-out item.

Give a detailed description – I know that no one knows the width, length and depth of their handbag, but this information is so easy to find! Use Google to give the most accurate descriptions of whatever you’re selling, it helps answer any questions shoppers may have AND boosts your item's visibility when people are searching for it.

BID BID BID – This has two strands. 1. When you first put in your desired asking price, Vestiaire will either accept it or move cheeky and ask you to put down a lower price – do not settle for it. Keep bidding your desired asking price. I went back and forth 4 times once before my original asking price was approved. My theory Is that it was probably a different person each time from the Vestiaire team putting in random prices. Their evaluation is totally subjective! 2. When you’re receiving offers, respond quickly and move smart. Don’t let someone finesse you, continue to stand within your range and bid within your asking price range. If they don’t like it ignore them. The right buyer will come around someday. Maintain your standards and don’t be too hasty to sell too fast!

RELAX – Some items may take a while to gain traction, RELAX as long as your item is well photographed, in a decent condition, well described… someone… one day will come and grab it. Vestiaire do well to promote your items so more often than not, people come across it. 

What have you got in your wardrobe that could be sold on Vestiarie? Which boujee item are you holding onto for the sake of having a ‘collection’? Stop. Evaluate. And think money! I'm all for keeping some items as investment pieces/ to pass down but that's a different game altogether.

Have you used Vestiarie before? Would you consider selling on it after this post? Let me know what you think!

Skirt: ASOS (Similar)
Headband: ZARA
Heels: KURT GEIGER (Now on sale & sold out)
Earrings: Ghana 

28 August 2018

Taking Inspiration

Very few good things have come out of my YouTube subscription box over the past few months and this outfit was undoubtedly one of them. I fell in love with this ensemble when I saw it on my fave, Barbara (The Persian Babe), and bought it straight away to give it a try myself.

I've never been the biggest Mango fan, I've walked in store and been disappointed one too many times, but I really enjoyed its website range over the summer.

On reflection, this outfit is one I wish I got to enjoy more this season, the white bold skirt, soft and figure hugging, makes you unmissable, and is the perfect summer piece to both dress up and dress down. I usually stay far away from loudly printed shirts, I have a fear of fake Versace and all the associations that usually come with it, but something about this shirt made me fall in love instantly. I think it's the top to bottom contrast and not too OTT pattern that thankfully looks nothing like Versace! 

You'll see below that I went for a daytime casual look, letting the shirt hang out and a cute & cheeky evening look with high heels... I was really trying to prove how versatile this outfit could be with the adjustment of a few accessories here and there. Let me know what you think!

Skirt: MANGO (Sold out)
Shirt: MANGO (Sold out)
Heels: KURT GEIGER (Now on sale & sold out)
Headband: ZARA (In store)
Earrings: ZARA
Handbag: GUCCI

16 August 2018

Satin Spots & Sass

I grew up in the era of matching your shoe laces to the bobbles in your hair - colour co-ordination by way of how many items you could perfectly match was the primary measure of style.

Thankfully, times have very much changed...

The more I experiment with my style, the more confidence I get in trying out clashing colours. While my subconscious still rages that I shouldn't mix golds with silvers, I remind myself that style best thrives on a clash of colours, textures and prints. So that's mixing reds and pinks, wearing leopard print and zebra stripes (ok I lied), combining soft leather with pvc and so on..

TIP: If you're tempted to splurge on a new outfit, try mixing and matching what you already have... yes it sounds obvious. So go do it...

I had fun styling this look... well that's a lie. I had about 10 mins to style this look and was grateful it came out decent enough to photograph that morning.

Style is of course a subjective thing but there's something in an ill-matched look. A statement cannot be made when your outfit is too well put together, sometimes it works well to push the boundaries, I think the best outfits are those played the least safe. Typically if I described this outfit to someone over the phone they'd probably shudder: pink satin skirt covered in blue polka dots, with a different but similar shade pink textured t-shirt, then black heels and oh a bright velvet blue and gold handbag... right... Yet somehow it just works! If you're in a funk with your wardrobe, which is pretty timely in this season of the year, do the unthinkable and challenge yourself to make statements with your outfits.Have fun with it!

You'd be surprised how many combinations look hideous when sprawled out, creased and scrunched up on your bed vs. when actually on. 

TIP: Avoid trying things on in the mirror when you look a hot mess. You're not doing yourself nor that outfit any justice. Put on your hair and some decent underwear and see how things go from there...

Let me know how you get on.

Heels: KURT GEIGER (Now on sale & sold out)
Handbag: GUCCI
Glasses: TOPSHOP (Similar)