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16 August 2018

Satin Spots & Sass

I grew up in the era of matching your shoe laces to the bobbles in your hair - colour co-ordination by way of how many items you could perfectly match was the primary measure of style.

Thankfully, times have very much changed...

The more I experiment with my style, the more confidence I get in trying out clashing colours. While my subconscious still rages that I shouldn't mix golds with silvers, I remind myself that style best thrives on a clash of colours, textures and prints. So that's mixing reds and pinks, wearing leopard print and zebra stripes (ok I lied), combining soft leather with pvc and so on..

TIP: If you're tempted to splurge on a new outfit, try mixing and matching what you already have... yes it sounds obvious. So go do it...

I had fun styling this look... well that's a lie. I had about 10 mins to style this look and was grateful it came out decent enough to photograph that morning.

Style is of course a subjective thing but there's something in an ill-matched look. A statement cannot be made when your outfit is too well put together, sometimes it works well to push the boundaries, I think the best outfits are those played the least safe. Typically if I described this outfit to someone over the phone they'd probably shudder: pink satin skirt covered in blue polka dots, with a different but similar shade pink textured t-shirt, then black heels and oh a bright velvet blue and gold handbag... right... Yet somehow it just works! If you're in a funk with your wardrobe, which is pretty timely in this season of the year, do the unthinkable and challenge yourself to make statements with your outfits.Have fun with it!

You'd be surprised how many combinations look hideous when sprawled out, creased and scrunched up on your bed vs. when actually on. 

TIP: Avoid trying things on in the mirror when you look a hot mess. You're not doing yourself nor that outfit any justice. Put on your hair and some decent underwear and see how things go from there...

Let me know how you get on.

Heels: KURT GEIGER (Now on sale & sold out)
Handbag: GUCCI
Glasses: TOPSHOP (Similar)